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Flavors & Pricing
All cakes are available in the flavor of your choice (My cake flavors & fillings are listed below) All cakes have 2 layers and include the filling of your choice in-between.  All standard cakes (not 3D) are approx 3.5-4" deep. All my cakes have an outer thin layer of my homemade buttercream and are covered in my homemade marshmallow fondant. Cakes range from small and understated, to sculpted, novelty, multi-tiered and weddings cakes.
Each cake is priced individually and is dependant upon size, design and custom decorations. You can use the following prices as a guide for a basic covered cake, but please do remember that this is just a starting point and extra decorating, handmade decorations, flowers, etc. are extra and need to be added to this price, so please email or call me with your requirements for an accurate quote.  
**Prices are suject to change**
4" Round - $15          4" Square - $20
6" Round - $30          7" Square - $75
8" Round - $75            9" Square - $120
10" Round - $105     10" Square - $150
12" Round - $150     11" Square - $180
14" Round - $225      12" Square - $215
3D or Sculpted - $150+
Cupcakes are available in 2 sizes - standard and mini. Minimum order is 1 dozen regular size or 2 dozen mini sized.  The cupcakes come in 2 styles, either Plain/Sprinkles or Gourmet.
Plain/Sprinkles: These cupcakes come in the cake flavor of your choice and a deep frosting swirl finish (in a flavor of your choice). Sprinkles may also be added to top off the cupcake. 
Regular: $2.00 each 
Mini: $.75 each.
Gourmet: These cupcakes come in the cake flavor of your choice with either a deep frosting swirl finish (in a flavor of your choice) or a thin layer of frosting covered with a marshmallow fondant finish. These are then topped with a custom design and handmade personalized marshmallow fondant cupcake topper to match your theme.
Standard: $2.50 or Mini: $1.50 each.
For simple designs such as shapes, numbers and initials. 
Standard: $3.50 or Mini: $2.50 each.
For more complex designs such as simple flowers and objects. 
Standard: $4.50 or Mini: $3.50 each. 
For extra special designs such as characters, animals and complex flowers.
Cake Pops
Cake pops are essentially cake truffles on a stick consisting of cake combined with frosting & coated in a layer of chocolate. They can be customized to suit any color scheme. You have the choice of cake flavor, frosting and coating.
$1.50 each
Minimum order is 12 (1 dozen)
Cake pops can also be arranged in bouquets to match your event and color scheme. Those range in prices depending on size. E-mail or call me to get specific pricing on the cake pop bouquets.
Cake Flavors
French Vanilla
Butter Pecan
Red Velvet
Cinnamon Swirl 

Vanilla Frosting
Chocolate Frosting
Strawberry Frosting
Lemon Frosting
Vanilla/Cream Cheese Frosting
Cinnamon/Cream Cheese Frosting
Whipped Cream Buttercream
Dulce De Leche (Extra Charge)
Fresh Fruits (Extra Charge)
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