Flavors and Pricing

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Our Cakes

All of our cakes ...

- are available in the flavor of your choice

(cake flavors listed below)

- have 2 layers and include a filling of your choice

(fillings listed below)

- are approximately 3.5" - 4" deep (3D cake heights vary)

- can be either finished with our homemade buttercream or our homemade marshmallow fondant

- may be customized for your event

Cake Pricing



Your choice of cake flavor and       frosting in a deep swirl finish.        Sprinkles may be added to top it   off.

Mini  $.75 ea.

Reg $2.00 ea.

Simple Gourmet

Finished with a deep frosting swirl or a thin layer of frosting covered with marshmallow fondant. Topped with a custom design and              handmade personalized fondant    topper such as shapes, numbers     and/or initials.  

Mini $1.50 ea.

Reg $2.50 ea.


More complex fondant design        toppers such a simple flowers and  objects

Mini $2.50 ea.

Reg $3.50 ea.

Elegant Gourmet

Extra special fondant topper          designs such as characters, animals   and complex flowers

Mini $3.50 ea.

Reg $4.50 ea.

Muffin Sized

These cupcakes are the equivalent of    two cupcakes in one big cupcake. Can  be decorated with a simple deep frosting swirl or with a           fondant decorations as complex as your imagination can take you. 

Simple -

 $3.00 ea. 

Complex - 

up to $5.50 ea. 

Cake Pops


Your choice of cake flavor, frosting and color coating. Topped with a   drizzle or sprinkles.  

$2.00 ea.


A simple cake pop with a more      elaborate design. (Shapes,            Characters, etc.)

$3.50 ea.

Cake Pop Bouquets

Bouquets designed to enhance       your event. Fully customizable.  

Indiv. Priced


Minimum Cupcake Orders:

Mini - 2 dozen

Regular - 1 dozen

Muffin - 1/2 dozen 

Cake Flavors



Butter Pecan



Cinnamon Swirl

French Vanilla



Red Velvet


Chocolate Frosting

Cinnamon Cream Cheese 

Cream Cheese Frosting

Dulce de Leche** 

Lemon Frosting

Mocha Frosting

Nutella Buttercream

Peanut Butter Buttercream

Raspberry Filling**

Seasonal Fresh Fruits** 

Strawberry Frosting

Vanilla Buttercream

** Indicates extra charge